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Huckleberry Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary option for dogs and cats who would rather have the doctor and vet tech come to them!  

We will mostly be serving the areas of Port Angeles and Sequim, but may be able to travel to Forks depending on the situation!

We have a small team right now, consisting of the doctor (Dr. Suzy Zustiak, DVM), the veterinary technician (Bob Parr, LVT), and the veterinary assistant (Angel O'Neil).  Together, our team has over 50 collective years of professional veterinary experience, including 6 years of working together to provide veterinary care to thousands of shelter animals!

<<<Scroll all the way down the page to learn more about the doctor and the team!>>>

While we do not have the full list of services that a “regular” veterinary clinic might have, we can still provide evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide variety of ailments and behavior problems.  We can also perform wellness exams, update vaccinations, implant microchips, and provide in-home euthanasia, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Please read the details below on how Housecall Appointments work; you can also visit the “Services” and “FAQ” pages for more details on what we can and cannot provide for you and your pets. 

***NOTE:  There is a TELE-HEALTH appointment option as well!  Tele-health is a video call appointment platform that allows us to discuss and evaluate certain issues that do not require a full physical exam or diagnostics.  Visit the TELE-HEALTH page for details on how to make a online appointment!***

How Housecall Appointments Work!


Step 1:  To schedule an appointment, click on: ‘Appointment Request Form’ -- and submit your request.  The link can also be found on the “MAKE AN APPOINTMENT” page, or on our Facebook page.  Once your request is submitted, we will contact you for scheduling!

** If online request does not work for you, or you have a more urgent need, call/text us at 360-670-7766 and we can assist your request!


Step 1.5:  Please know that special arrangements can be made beforehand if your dog or cat will need mild sedation, a muzzle, or other accommodations for the appointment ((PLEASE let us know if you think your pet will need any extra help for the appointment))!


Step 2:  On appointment day, please make sure you and your pet will be "available" (if you have an outdoor pet or a timid animal that will hide, you will need to make sure you have captured it and kept it confined at your house).  However, we can do exams/treatments in or out of your house, garage, fenced yard, on the deck, in the catio, or anywhere on your property that would be the easiest for everyone!


Step 2.5:  Ideally, we’d like to set up somewhere there is a table, counter, or TV tray for our supplies, but this not required.  We are adaptable and can work in nearly any condition. 


Step 3:  We can accept payments via credit card, check, or cash (but we will not be carrying any change!).  At this time, we will NOT be able to offer any payment plans.


Step 3.5:  If there is unreliable cell service where you live, but you have Wi-Fi, we would GREATLY appreciate one-time access to the password to streamline payment and record keeping!


Step 4:  You will get an "appointment receipt" showing all services performed, including vaccine stickers, recommendations, details about prescriptions, and plans or referrals going forward.  We have many medications on hand that we can dispense, or a prescription may be sent to an outside pharmacy. 



Hi!   I am Dr. Zustiak, but I do prefer to go by Suzy :)


I was born and raised on Whidbey Island and went to Washington State University for both undergraduate and veterinary school.  After graduation, I began working at the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Port Angeles, WA in 2010. 


After 11+ years of working with a vast variety of shelter animals of all ages, sizes, and conditions, I have accumulated valuable experience in numerous different areas of animal-related issues.   I have very frequently worked with:  newborn puppies and kittens (and their moms!), elderly/hospice cats and dogs, unsocialized or feral animals, aggressive animals, very fearful/timid animals, chronic medical conditions, traumatic injuries, contagious conditions, and so…  much…  more…


My tenure as a shelter vet has also allowed me to adopt a variety of different kinds of dogs and cats over the years.  As of right now, I have 9 rescue dogs (I used to have 10 dogs and 3 cats!), so I am very experienced at understanding and handling multi-animal households and all the behavior and medical issues that can occur among them.


And being the owner of multiple pets ever since 2002, I also know that sometimes it is pretty stressful to have to load up your dog(s) or cat(s) to take them to the veterinary clinic for needed care….  So now, I have decided to move into a MOBILE private practice to offer my abilities and expertise to a whole new set of patients -- and their owners -- in their own environment.


As for me personally, I’m a laid-back and open-minded kind of person that likes to keep everything as light-hearted and fun as possible.  I enjoy photography, hanging out with my dogs, trips to the beach, and collecting weird and funny things!  I would describe myself as more of an “old school” type vet who is up to date on the latest and best treatments available.  Together with my Vet Tech (Bob Parr), and Vet Assistant (Angel), we are super excited to be able to offer IN HOME veterinary care for you and your pets!



Suzy Zustiak, DVM



My name is Bob Parr, I am a veterinary technician and I have been in this career for 39 years.  I have lived my whole life in Port Angeles, along with my wife and 2 grown children.  We have 5 dogs and 2 cats.  I have worked with

Dr. Zustiak for 7 years, and I am looking forward to this new adventure that we are embarking on.







Hi there, Angel here!   I really like animals, and sometimes they like me, too :)  I have been working with animals full time for the past 6 years and have started schooling to become a veterinary technician.  I have 2 cats and 4 dogs, all of which are rescues and have special needs in one way or another (both medical and behavioral).  It is my long term goal to be a part of an animal rescue organization that can provide hospice services and a sanctuary setting for homeless dogs and cats.  In the meantime, I am enjoying working with our clients and their animals, furthering my education, and accumulating experience that I can use to better the lives of animals!

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